Living in Los Angeles allows me to work and play in a rich and eclectic music community, along-side a diverse and deeply talented array of artists, performers, composers, conductors, ensembles and entertainers. Below is a sampling of some of the artists I have collaborated with.


low brass

LA Phil low brass for “Gurrilieder" by Schoenberg


The U.S. Army Orchestra 2018 American Trombone Workshop

Riverside City College Jazz Ensemble. Alex Iles, guest trombonist.

Sweet Georgia Brown

Wycliff Gordon and Micheal Dease

Alex performing at the 2012 International Trombone Festival with Wycliff Gordon and Michael Dease

Mama Used To Do The Cha Cha

Trombone duet with James Miller

Chicago: 25 or 6 to 4: Arrangement by Christopher Bill

Jules Massenet: Meditation from Thaïs

Alex Iles/Frank Macchia “Méliés Project-The Black Imp”

Chicken Neck - Frank Macchia- Grease Mechanix

Bob Florence Limited Edition - Funupsmanship, Alex Iles, trombone solo